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Please contact us directly,and IC type,quantity,and target price.
About us
Beijing MCU crack LTD has one highly qualified team made up of doctors, reputable engineers, etc who have academic credentials above undergraduate of universities. The company is major in MCU crack,IC crack ,electronic design ,etc.
We offer high-quality goods and service to satisfy customers needs. We can design the circuit and develop the project according to customer's demand. 
From understanding the customer's need to delivering the goods on time, we are very meticulous in all those links. We hold the faith that quality is fundamental, sincerity is principle" There are specialized seller and technical staff to improve the craft and performance of the products according to the customer's demand.
We innovate untiringly to make quality management system more effective and scientific. We check on strictly to guarantee the product quality and its after-sale service.
The company is devoted to opening up the domestic and international markets; we would like to cooperate closely with our old and new and old customers with our superior products and value-added service. We would join hands with our customers to create brilliant future.  
Crack Steps

1.Customer  express one chip being cracked to our company
2.Prepay for it  
3.Begin to  crack the chip, need 1day to 2 months, depended on MCU types.  
4.Express customer 2~3 pcs chips for test
5.Test passed, pay the balance and we send the codes(bin or hex format) to customer  by email 
Intruded crack is the most valid crack method. It can obtain data from flash, EEPROM or ROM by using laser/ UV to destroy the lock bit fuse, or reconnect by adding leads.   

Crack services is used only for legal purpose:)  
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